Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beauty 'Photomontage'

I was recently asked (second hand request) to give a presentation on how I create my layered photo works...
'Beauty' is an example (simple) to illustrate the steps.

The imagery I tried to evoke was a reflection of the statue's symbolism and what she meant for me.  Created as a welcoming figure (but not really knowing this consciously at the time of the photograph); I added the warmth of the orange-red roses, with the almost rising up effect as if she were spreading open her palms and sharing the heat from below her feet...the texture layer with the word embedded "Beauty" was in the right place at the right time, don't you think?

Essentially the image is comprised of layers of images composited one atop the other and blended together using various blend modes in Photoshop. The 'grain' or textured layer is usually on the top. A variation to this might occur when the layer is below but the upper most layers are erased to reveal the texture below.
This Photo example:
Layer one: Image of carved statue "Welcome Figure" 'Beauty'
Layer two: Image of roses taken on the same day close to the statue
Layer three: Texture image.

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